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Resonance (CoReNection)


The old concepts of resonance based on similar wavelength or frequency are not applicable in a more universal context. This page will describe how a much wider definition of resonance as a connection in information space, expressed not only through coincidence and synchronicity but also through similarity and analogy can be applied practically to facilitate the understanding of analysis results of the Inergetix-CoRe system. Also this will give an overview of the different forms of CoReNections and show how they can point to the real cause behind the apparent disease condition.

One of the key challenges in working with an un-biased holistic analysis tool like the Inergetix-CoRe system is that it confronts its user with hundreds of test items and their individual degree of resonance to the client. Until now our educational system strengthens two ways of thinking primarily, first “linear thinking”( cause-and-effect) and secondly “polar thinking”. Using the first usually leads to the question if an item like for example “parasite”, “mother”, “childhood accident” is-the-cause-of the current situation.

Using polar thinking the question quite automatically arises if a high test score of a particular category like “Vitamin B”, “emotional protection”, “high metabolism”, “alkaline bio-terrain” indicates that the person “has it or does not have it”, or that “he needs it or does not need it” or that “it is good or bad” for him. (Surprisingly many diagnostic techniques operate on this level only.)

However CoRe test results show all CoReNections in informational space (CoReSpace), and are not limited to our generally very limited capacity to perceive and categorize connections. Working with the Inergetix-CoRe we have understood that a given resonance value indicates a similarity between the tested item and the client in the most general sense. In short resonance means the client and the test item have something in common.

Use of the Inergetix-CoRe for several years have revealed different significant forms of qualities that a testable item and the client may have in common and be related to the cause of the disease. This is to our knowledge the first structured and comprehensive approach to explain resonance in informational space.  Here is an incomplete list of possible connections, that means common features between item and client that should be considered when viewing the Inergetix-CoRe test results:

1. Cause (common causal category)

Relatively few of the items that can come up are outright disease causes,  as for example poison, accident, parasite, heavy metal, bowel toxicity, trauma, stress, unhealthy food, acidic bio-terrain. Also one can group these apparently different forms of causes together a few main categories. First are those based on pollution of the body (poison, unhealthy food, a.s.o.), second are based on a damage of body/mind/spirit (accident, abuse, shock….) and third an imbalance in those (stress, bio-terrain…)

This is the easiest of all resonance groups to be understood, however even here things are not as linear as old style text books would suggest. When something like parasite is on top we have to remember that it is not the only cause but that there have to be other things out of balance before parasites can become a “cause” for illness.

2. Idiosyncrasy (common disease tendency)

This category is very much connected to the first. For anything to be a cause for disease, itself has to contain a disease causing quality (Not only the quantity makes the poison). Also there has to be likewise a tendency towards this kind of disease in the person that is manifesting it.

Modern medicine has not much studied disease tendencies as it operates mostly from a point of view where all people are the same when it comes to diagnosis and treatment and substances are either dangerous or they are not.

In the CoRe analysis a substance, a homeopathic, a body part or something else may come up that in itself does neither look like a disease causing agent nor a disease.
First however we have to remember that even seemingly neutral things like rubber can for some people be a cause for disease. Secondly and more importantly the item may not itself be the disease cause but may point to a specific disease tendency. For example if sulfur shows, it may neither mean it is the cause nor the cure for the illness but it points to a syphilitic disease tendency.

The different disease tendencies, have been already categorized by Hahnemann in groups like Sycotic, syphilitic, a.s.o. There are many other ways to catalog disease tendencies but it is remarkable to understand the principle of tendencies in itself.

Such disease tendencies are not limited to chemical or microbiological causes like toxins or parasites but the same is found in individualized pattern of pathways into disease as well as for mental, emotional tendencies.

Note: How does the fact that Inergetix-CoRe already shows tendencies even before any actual disease agent is present fit in with the rule that everything that shows on the CoRe points to a common factor between test item and client?
The reason for that is that each person has different weaknesses, idiosyncrasies, which are all stored on the informational plane and of which the DNA is only a limited physical expression. So for example “amalgam” scoring high could mean that the client has the substance already in his body or only that he would react more likely to amalgam with disease symptoms.

3. Effect or reaction (common symptoms)

Unlike idiosyncrasies, few realize that there is also an individualized pattern stored on the informational plane how a person reacts to a given disease threat.

In the Inergetix-CoRe these might come up as inflammation, sweating, depression, paralysis, nervousness, endurance, complaint, silence….. Under this perspective they may neither mean an actual presence of that symptom nor the tendency for it but a tendency for the client to react to a threat with this kind of response.

Note: Whenever items score high one should always keep in mind not to be too narrow in the interpretation as on the informational plane different items are not so neatly separated as our different names for them might suggest. If for example a specific parasite comes up, this primarily indicates that there is a susceptibly to parasites as disease cause in general and only secondarily a resonance to this parasite in particular.

4. Composition (common elements)

It is ancient knowledge that one can only hear, see, eat or in general perceive what one has inside already to some degree. So for example we eat carrot because we are resonating to it and we resonate because we have one of the things that constitutes a carrot.

In the Inergetix-CoRe this might come up in the form of Carrot but also as Potassium, Carotene, fiber, Sugar, Carbohydrate, Water that are all components of Carrot. Again this is so because on the informational level Carrot does not exist as a separate entity in the way that it appears here in a physical form but there it is a network of relationships.

This points also to another significant disease cause that is almost not recognized at all. If we grave for something it is because we have it in us, but as in the example of the Carrot we might only grave for the Potassium in the Carrot but actually the fibers in the Carrot might not be suitable.

On the other hand just the fact that we have something already in us and we thus show higher resonance to it on the Inergetix-CoRe System does not mean that it necessarily to be good for us. On the informational level there is no division between good and bad because good and bad are subjective and not universal expressions of how an individual experiences informational connections.

For this reason it is important to remember that resonance does not mean it is indicated, as for example fat people resonate to fat food. Neither does a resonance to something mean that all the constituents are necessarily equally resonant as in the example of the Carrot. The Inergetix-CoRe System helps in this detective work to see the resonance from different angles and thus arrive at the core of the matter.

Note: Composition can be expressed, with respect to many different classification systems. The contemporary ways is to use categories from chemical science but for the use of the concept of elements like in alchemy or traditional Chinese medicine the same principles apply.
Also considering the “composition” category when viewing Inergetix-CoRe results is not limited to substance but applies to everything, because everything is composed of (related to) more than itself.
For example if an emotion like “suspicion” shows on the results one has to consider that it is made up of items like fear of loss, fear of the unknown, fear of not being in control, lack of trust, insufficient knowledge. Any of these composites could be the main reason why this item scores high.

Also items like sunshine or magnetism fall in this category and they also often prove very well this principle of resonance, because of which we can say “We need sunlight because we have sunlight in us”. One can see for example often that particularly sunny or magnetic personalities respond very good to treatment with light or magnetism.

5. Exposure (common environment)

Everything we are exposed to in our environment may come-up because we have absorbed it though interaction with it. For example the sickness of a family member we are taking care of, some news we just read in the paper, a bloody scene we watched on TV, our pet, the chemicals in our surrounding the predominant values and emotions of the culture we live in. All this has become part of us and will show up to larger or lesser extend on the Inergetix-CoRe. However much of it we are not aware of and the Inergetix-CoRe helps us to do that.

Note: Because on the informational level there time is not a factor it is very possible that things show up with which we might only had intensive contact in the past or may have in the future. For example a trauma contracted years ago may just as well show as an impending accident, or a malnutrition of long ago may still create a resonance now.
Likewise as there is also no spatial dimension, that means no dependence on distance, in informational space effects can show as a resonance that are distance wise far apart, like the planets, a distant relative or a chemical factory which otherwise is considered in “save” distance.

It might seem to you that the number of connections is almost infinite in informational space, and the task to find the essential points to focus on may seem too great a challenge, but this is holistic medicine to its fullest. This is why medicine conducted in this mind frame is also the highest art form and the Inergetix-CoRe System can help a lot to get to the CoRe issue.

6. Likes and Dislikes (common predisposition)

Likes and dislikes that may come up are tendencies towards certain activities like movement or rest, eating, communication, thinking or certain sensations like colors, sound, spices, alcohol, drugs. Also on an emotional level there can be a disposition towards pessimism, self-deprecation, aggression, destructiveness.

All this can directly or indirectly contribute to the disease picture and give some background information to the therapist. For example if disposition towards spicy food, color red and aggression all come up high this can indicate a pitta or fire type of the client.

Note: If a predisposition comes up high we cannot conclude from that whether the person strongly likes or dislikes this item. Again as always there is no information on polarity or quantity on the informational level. From a more general point it does not make a difference if something is liked or disliked strongly, in both cases it is usually an issue that has to be considered in the overall picture.  Usually one can also observe that strong “Likes” and easily turn into “Dislikes” and vise versa.

7. Location (common point of action)

A large group of items in the Inergetix-CoRe Database is directly related to location for example spine, back, right side. In other items, resonance may only indirectly point to a certain location. For example every remedy, particularly homeopathic remedy or meridian has their particular point of primary action associated with it, and this might be the only reason why this item comes up, because it points to this location.

Also the pointer to the location may be more generalized if concepts like digestive system, immune system, nervous system, cellular level, DNA, matrix, environment or organ are coming up.

Note: If we have found the location with the highest resonance, this is not necessarily the place where we find the pain. Holistic therapists know quite well that the pain area in most cases is not the place where we have the disease cause. For example if there has been a damage to one side, the other begins to hurt because it has to compensate.

8. Area of concern (common associations)

Another group of items may come up that is related to the persons momentary or general concern like money, sex, family, house, car, workplace a.s.o. A fact which makes this again more complex is the fact that the item that actually comes up is not exactly the word we commonly use for a central theme like one of the above but something that points to if and is commonly associated with this theme.

For example if the theme with a high resonance is “Family”, things like father, mother, child, bond, blood, inherited dependence, care, protection all would point to this central concern and might come up with a high score exactly for that reason.

Note: This association of individual qualities with the experiences one had during the day happens at night in dreaming.
It is important here as always in working with the Inergetix-CoRe System that not the therapist makes an interpretation but that the client himself can perceive the theme if one makes several analysis from different points of view, what is with different groups.

9. Affected function (common function)

Everything has besides a substance also a function, so when looking at results of the Inergetix-CoRe we should also consider the possible function it might resonate to.

This is again easy if the respective function is named directly as in procreation, assimilation, transformation, movement, moderation, distribution.
However this may be pointed to indirectly.  For example “Liver” may not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with it, but is just as well point to the process of detoxification in general.

10. Affected Level (common level)

As we have pointed out in the description of the 4 CoRealms, we find it useful to discriminate four main levels, the structural, the biochemical, the energetic and the informational. Any concepts scoring high in a CoRe analysis may point to a resonance with one or several of these levels.

For example if “digestion” comes up, this might refer to the structural part of it which could be the stomach, the intestines a.s.o. or the biochemical which is the acid level in the stomach, the digestive enzymes, the pancreatic fluids, the microbial flora etc. On the energetic and informational level it would refer to the particular energies and information that are required and associated with digestion.

Moreover there is a “digestion” required in respect not only to physical food but also with respect to energy and information. In fact today there exists a whole array of diseases because people have problems to digest the current overabundance of information.

Note: Obviously neither the informational level nor the laws of resonance limit themselves to any classification or language that is used but the idea of “levels” is more universal and if one has grasped that concept one can discover the same message even if the system does not exactly say “structural level”, “biochemical level” a.s.o.

In other philosophies the same idea is expressed in terms like “body-mind-spirit” or “gross-subtle-ethereal” and others. Although there is no one-to-one relationship between all these variant systems, the idea is always that there are a number of different but complementary and connected realms that are different in their degree of subtleness and complexity.

11. Behavior or dynamic (common energy)

Besides the cause, the symptoms, the composition, the location, level and function every disease has also a particular dynamic. These can be seen in the CoRe system in expressions like abrupt, slow, heated, delayed, intermittent etc.

Homeopathy know of this aspect since its beginning and has made much use of it to differentiate different diseases and to find appropriate (resonant) cures.

Understanding this as a discriminating feature allows to see a fuller picture of the disease. For example an array of concepts like “eruption”, “shock”, “lightning”, “heat” would not necessarily point to skin eruptions or fear of lightning, but possibly to an element of “suddenness” in the dynamic of the disease, which in itself would point to an imbalance of the element fire.

Note: We do not have a resonance category of “common quantity” as there is no concept of space and consequently none of volume, density or quantity or number. This explains that on the informational level one cannot “balance” anything by adding something or taking something away. For example in the above case of “fire imbalance” it is not possible to take away fire informationally but we have to connect it with an element like earth or water to create a balance. Technically it would be not correct to imprint or broadcast “lowered fire” but instead water or a related concept that has a great water aspect. The Inergetix-CoRe helps you in finding these if you are aware of these energetic differences.

12. Meaning (common sense)

Of course it is the aim of the Inergetix-CoRe system to describe the situation of the client in as simple terms as possible and find the simplest cure, that is the one which has the highest resonance to the current situation and is also practically feasible.

There are many results that look like clear cut advice like “Eat more healthy food”, “Increase antioxidants”, “Eat papaya” a.s.o. However we should not take this always literal but understand the first law of resonance “Resonance means a common factor”.
If we find what is common in the top scores of several CoRe analysis results we have found what is also common with the client, what is in resonance with him, that is we can see his connection (CoReNections) in informational space.

If we look at the above three items, they all point to that which the client eats and to the need for more life and enzyme rich food. If we understand this principle we will not send the person to get buy more enzyme or antioxidant pills but we will ask him for example to eat more fresh, organic and raw vegetables and fruits. Sometimes it is that simple and when the client can see these indicators on the screen he will be able in many cases to see the common sense conclusion.

Also this category can be applied to disease in general. There is a growing number of practitioners who can see that diseases besides their symptoms have a meaning, a message that needs to be understood before healing can happen.

For example if “Cancer” comes up, we should not conclude that there is necessarily cancer or that there even is a cancer tendency. More likely the client has a resonance with one of the meanings of cancer which could be sudden onset, death, depression, severity, tissue growth, unlimited proliferation, loss of unity, self destructiveness. So the fact that the word cancer comes up will point to one or several of these aspects as something the concept of cancer has in common with the tendencies of the client.

A much larger perspective from which to categorize nature is to look for coincidences. In fact modern science is doing nothing else as it searches for processes that coincide with their theories. There is a vast array of coincidences that our mind can recognize, coincidences of pattern, coincidence of color, coincidence of form, coincidence of function, coincidence of structure, timing, development, cause-and-effect and hundreds of qualities more.

So coincidence is, contrary to general assumption, not limited to coincidences in time, but is more generally a recognition of some form of similarity or analogy. For example the fact that certain proportions are the same for many objects would be called a coincidence. Synchronicity on the other hand is generally understood as coincidences exclusively in the realm of time.

The Inergetix-CoRe System is called CoRe because it works with COincidence REcognition (and Inergetix stands for Information and Energy). Having made the above connection, which is in itself a significant realization, we can go further to say that all mind activity is coincidence recognition as thinking means to find what fits into a certain category because it is similar and what does not. This twofold process is synthesis which means to decide that something is similar and analysis which means to decide something is not similar.

Because every form of thinking always comprises both these processes, our brain has two halves, the right is the synthesis side and the left is the analysis side. This conclusion is as obvious as it is profound and it brings light to a lot of confusing theories about the functioning of our two brains. It is simply not true that the left would be logical and the right would be intuitive, emotional or artistic. In fact any truly logical, intuitive, emotional or artistic process needs analysis as well as synthesis otherwise it is either dry and barren (left side dominance) or sentimental and pointless (right side dominance).Best thinking needs therefore an equal work of both halves, which is most likely achieved if both sides are in a Dynamic Labile Equilibrium State (more about this on the page CoRe-Theory/Dynamic Labile Equilibrium).

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