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small-for-signature-361New Inergetix CoRe 6.0 Software

Here is the list of the main new functions in vers 6 that are part of the general update :

- New Field evaluation backed by the Quadtrinity concept

- Relational Protocol function with more than 1000 indications at the click of a button

- one click and you get a multi-page evaluation report and auto-communications set-up automatically

- optional Integrative Medicine protocols that need more openess on the side of the therapist and client

- with the Protocol function you can set up your own protocols with and you can choose from all the material in the database

- Group sessions with the Issue-button

 - and on the Session screen all results and all therapies performed are easily accessible under each respective tab. This is required for tracking results in the clinical studies that we are undertaking

- add indicators and pictures for clients and receptors

- Virtual Doctor site integrated with easy upload function of results and frequency recordings

- the new Auto-communication function takes informational connection to the next level and it send out automatically an e-mail to your client to make him aware when a new report is available

The Frequency Therapy has been greatly improved and certainly is now the most advanced software in this field it includes the possibility to do

- dual channel therapy

- attachment of High Frequency generators also in dual channel mode up to 12 MHz

- informational feedback for the recognition of client specific frequencies

- integration with a list of over 1000 groups of frequencies for specific issues

- scan for resonant setting of the frequency generator wich also include relative phase and amplitude

- possibility to record and upload generated frequencies

Optionally : NEW EMDR function, Virtual EDS/ TCM Module

More details and information HERE

New Inergetix CoRe 5.0 Software

Here are the key improvements over 4.5:

  • Very visual, thousands of objects for test with picture
  • Structured in over 20 categories with their own screen
  • Over 100 thousand items for test organized and preinstalled
  • Extensive report functionality
  • Test possibility specifying physical, energetic, informational or spiritual field
  • Imprint and Communicate (broadcast) functionality with the possibility to add specific Motivations. Now new with autocommunication possibility (continuous or periodical)
  • Scan for resonant categories and groups of resonances
  • function to reevaluate all analysis results und use them for the communication
  • many custom settings possibilities
  • No more Excel
  • Vista Compatible
  • Powerful new database
  • automatic data-backup
  • Fully compatible with all previous hardware


Here the latest message from Kiran Schmidt

More information to CoRe 5.0 (Demos)

New Hardware Health Navigator und Health Navigator Home Unit


Inergetix-CoRe System

The Inergetix-CoRe System is our signature product. It is an integrated and highly customizable informational and energy medicine device that works on both bioinformational and bioenergetic levels. On the bioinformational side, it is primarily a software device. On the bioenergetic side, the different levels of the System affect both the analysis and the balancing, as described below.

Determining the system suitable for You

The Inergetix-CoRe System configuration that you need is in part determined by the needs of your practice and how you wish to use Inergetix-CoRe System. Contact a sales consultant for additional guidance.

Additional Tools

The Plasma Generator with Color Therapy (an addition to CoRe Energy System 2)

The Plasma Generator uses modulated plasma light to deliver frequencies and the information they carry deep into the tissues of the person sitting in front of the unit. We use 20 tubes filled with noble gases that produce different colored light to supply the carrier wavelength. Along with sound, the Plasma Generator can be used with subjects that are not able to hold the hand electrodes, including animals and plants. It was with light that well-known pioneers in frequency therapy had their greatest successes. Color therapy is used by orthodox and alternative medicine. Recent scientific evidence suggests that light is emitted by every cell in our bodies. Color therapy says that the symptoms of imbalance are a sign that there is a shortage or improper utilization of color and light in the cells and organs of the human body, due to a range of factors including our lifestyle, our environment, stress, or too much or too little of a particular color frequency in our energy system. Such imbalance can be corrected by the selective use of color frequencies. The Inergetix-CoRe System can find and output resonant colors as well as resonant frequencies.

Inergetix-EMDR (a stand-alone program or an addition to any system)

This is a software application to facilitate eye movement therapy. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a psychotherapy treatment that was originally designed to alleviate the distress associated with traumatic memories. After successful treatment with EMDR, affective distress is relieved, negative beliefs are reformulated, and physiological arousal is reduced. During EMDR the client focuses on emotionally disturbing material while simultaneously focusing on an external stimulus. Traditionally, therapist-directed lateral eye movements are the most commonly used external stimulus but a variety of other stimuli including hand-tapping and audio stimulation are often used.
Inergetix-CoRe uses a user-selected image that moves across a user-selected background, and user-selected audio is available. Resonant affirmations can be used from CoRe’s emotional categories.

Additional Remedy Trays (can be added to any system)

Human Acupuncture Trays
and Oriental Medicine

Over 4000 remedies including points, meridians, Chinese herbs and herbal formulae, healing mantras, Toaist exercises, subtle anatomy, the Meridian Clock, and points in combination with flower and gem essences and homeopathic remedies. Take a look at Inergetix-CoRe use in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Veterinary Acupuncture Trays
and Oriental Medicine

Over 6000 remedies including points, meridians. Chinese herbs and herbal formulae, emotional and manipulative items, spiritual healing and subtle anatomy for veterinary use in cattle, porcine, equine, and other conditions.

Other Custom Remedy Trays

You can choose all or selected categories totaling approximately 100,000 additional items including groups of emotions, essences (flower, gem, tree), homeopathy, herbs, pathogens, toxins, allergies and sensitivities, body chemistry, dictionary, astrology, supplements by manufacturer, Sulis remedies, business, quotes and inspiration, and more.

Individual components of Inergetix-CoRe System



Hologram Generator

(with all systems)

The Hologram Generator, which consists of a White Noise Diode and an Analog Digital Converter, is a hardware addition that makes it possible to analyze acute cases in short-term mode by working through high speed data sampling. It is integral to the real-time bioenergetic and bioinformational feedback mode; it increases the resolution of the client's picture by introducing more white noise, thereby creating a more precise picture right in the moment.

Imprint Tray

(with CoRe Basic System)

The Imprint Tray has one BNC connection to the computer and provides an electrically-connected and gold-plated remedy tray area for imprinting remedies into physical substances.


Interface Unit - for the “Advanced System S2” the new Health Navigator is now available

On the informational level we 'only' need informational (symbolic) connections;  on the energetic level we need physical, electrical connections. To facilitate this, the Interface Unit has five BNC connections, one audio connection for external speakers used when broadcasting sound, and an electrically-connected and gold-plated remedy tray area for imprinting remedies into physical substances. Via the Interface Unit, the computer connects with the hand electrodes, foot electrode, the optional Electric Frequency Unit, and the optional Plasma Generator.



Hand and Foot Electrodes

Here too we set a new standard in energetic medicine with our ergonomically shaped, gold-plated hand electrodes that incorporate several principles of biogeometry. They work in themselves as informational facilitators to increase body awareness and energy flow, which can be instantaneously experienced and measured. We use stainless steel and gold plating on the foot electrode to give the optimum in contact properties and long life with a surface that is easily sterilized.



Electric Frequency Unit

We recommend CoRe Energy System 2 for professional practitioners. The Electric Frequency (EF) Unit incorporates a high resolution, arbitrary waveform generator and two channels to measure electromagnetic changes in the client. This device allows for a very high resolution of generated frequencies; used alone, the Interface Unit produces frequencies up to 20 KHz, with the addition of the EF Unit the Inergetix-CoRe System produces up to 2 MHz. In many experiments, these higher frequencies have been found to be very much more effective because of their higher energy and penetration depth. The EF Unit also allows control of amplitude and waveform, which plays an important role in the aim to personalize the signal as much as possible. Incredibly for its small size, it also contains the circuitry to allow high resolution 2-Channel electric measurements of the client's response to the energetic frequency therapy.



Plasma Generator

The Plasma Generator uses modulated plasma light to deliver energies and the information they carry deep into the tissues of the person sitting in front of the discharge tubes. We use twenty differently colored tubes filled with different noble gases to supply the carrier wavelength with color therapy. Along with sound therapy, the Plasma Generator can be used with subjects that are not able to hold the hand electrodes, including animals, plants, and soil. It was with light that well-know pioneers in frequency therapy had their greatest successes.

Inergetix CoRe Version 4.0, besides being the most reliable and reproducible informational analysis and broadcast of any device on the market, is a complete energetic therapy system that gives energetic frequency balancing using light, sound, electricity, and magnetism. Inergetix-CoRe is currently the only combined informational and energetic device on the market; it achieved a world 'first' when it took bioenergetic therapy to a new level by providing frequency balancing based on informational feedback from the client in its client-specific modes. Its energetic modality firmly establishes the Inergetix-CoRe System in the world of energetic balancing, alongside its established place as leader in the field of informational therapy based on its reproducibility, functionality, and the customizability of its already large database of items available for us in analysis and broadcasting.

Informational balancing can have profound effects on causes that lie on the informational level, such as the control functions of the body and mental-emotional issues, and can indirectly affect the energetic, biochemical, and structural levels. Adding energetic functionality to the Inergetix-CoRe System allows us to directly address the energetic level using light, sound, electricity and magnetism as carriers of client- and condition-specific information. Energetic and informational broadcasts can be applied to client-specific frequencies that are determined by the needs of the client in the context of their symptoms, as well as to more than 1100 conditions and the frequencies that are associated with these conditions according to more than 50 years of research by pioneers in frequency therapy and other independent scientists.

What makes this hybrid technology so exceptional is not only that we are unfolding the principles and techniques of the informational level, but also that we have now seamlessly integrated the technology to deliver this information with the widest spectrum of known physical energies.

Summary of Features and Advantages of the Inergetix-CoRe System

Advanced Features of Inergetix-CoRe

    · Database of 100,000 remedies, organized in 20 screens to help focus the analysis

    · Easily customizable database – add items and remedies used in your own practice or field of expertise, which you can use for analysis and balancing

    · Imprinting of potentized remedy information with electrical charge into any substance

    · Broadcasting of ‘intelligent’ frequencies, energy integrated with information (based on informational analysis) that are effective on both the informational and energetic levels

    · Pre-programmed frequency sequences for more than 1100 disease conditions

    · Client-specific resonant frequencies up to 2 MHz, in either long-term or short-term mode

    · Sequential broadcasting of frequencies ensures purity of frequencies broadcast and facilitates identification of most resonant frequencies

    · Ability to personalize frequency broadcasts for individual clients

    · Easy setup of informational and/or energetic balancing based simply on analysis results

    Advantages of Inergetix-CoRe

    · Objectivity – filters ensure that results are not influenced by either the popularity of a remedy or the user’s presence

    · Superior Reproducibility – due to statistical analysis of large amounts of data, and the system’s greater objectivity

    · Reduced analysis time – key issues and unexpected connections are revealed in minutes

    · The potential for recovery to begin immediately, even during analysis

    · Reduced and rapid recovery times for issues on the informational and energetic levels

    · Extensive category of emotional concepts that reveals psychological connections

    · Ability to focus evaluation on acute symptoms, or in long-term mode to focus on either a client’s symptoms, their constitution, symptom inversion (for snake-bite, for example), or a balancing combination of these three modes

    · Ability to focus analysis on symptoms entered by the user

    · Simple interface and graphics provide ease of use and short learning curve

    · Readily available technical support to help you with installation whenever needed

    · Price – for a combination of informational and energetic devices, less than half what you might pay to buy two separate devices

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