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Fields of Use

The Inergetix-Core System - is an advanced multi dimensional (interactive) holistic device that integrates informational analysis with informational and energetic balancing of the analyzed client. It is used by a wide range of holistic practitioners that analyze and balance their clients. It uses a large database to find the most resonant remedies within the context of the client’s symptom and their unique informational signature.
The database can be easily customized and expanded trough
remedy trays by practitioners who can use their own remedies and concepts in their own field of expertise.

Only in the medical area the most successfully currently used fields of practice are:

However The Inergetix-Core System is a complex system integrating the most universal principles implied can be used to analyze and balance a system of almost any nature. A few related fields of analysis which are currently under development are:

    · Agriculture

    · Business Process Optimization

    · Design and Architecture

    · Mechanical Diagnostics

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